A Beacon of Light to Mentor the Child & Bring Hope to the Family

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Mission and Vision Statements


Youthful Courage Stables' purpose is to mentor the child, offer hope for the family and to be an inspiration for the Community. Youthful Courage Stables will build trust and self-esteem through a safe and positive experience in an authentic western environment.

The Heart of Youthful Courage Stables


The heart of our Session Program is to provide a safe place for children, youth and families to experience hope, healing and encouragement. In each session, through a myriad of methods, there is one main purpose - to Mentor the Child.

This is accomplished by inviting children to come just as they are. Activities include working with/riding horses, crafts, games, chores, wood working and life skills. A secondary goal is to educate kids in equine safety and husbandry. All activities with the children are structured to accomplish our primary goal of creating a safe and loving environment to mentor the child.

The Program Today


Currently, Youthful Courage Stables pairs our horses with one leader and one child for every riding session. These sessions are designed to be adaptable to meet the distinctive needs of each child. Instead of being lost in a group, every child is mentored by a leader who shares in his or her individual challenges or victories.

Although our primary focus is to serve disadvantaged children, the program is available to anyone. The only true prerequisite for kids visiting the ranch is that they WANT to participate. A desire to come is an indication of a heart willing to try. It is from this willingness that broken hearts and lives can be lead toward healing.

Within this generation of broken and blended households, Youthful Courage stables seeks to be a Beacon for what every child and adult desires most... a family.

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